Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Video Review on Showdown with Iran Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Video Review on Showdown with Iran - Essay Example The US has been pushing them ahead to establish democracy in the country. But once the US leaves Iraq, Iran may attempt to step into Iraq and take over the country. Iran does not want Iraq to gain power; they are pleased to see Iraq as a powerless nation and a neighbor in the form of puppet which will dance to their tunes. And even the toppling of Saddam has helped in regaining the power of shia’s in Iraq and many religious leaders have moved to Iraq from Iran. This is also a very good benefit for Iran in bringing more favorable situation against them. Because of this the links and relationship between the two countries are also improving. Iran also has an aim of maximizing their alliance with Iraq Shiite factions. Iran is definitely not in favor of the Sunni in the Iraq and is anonymously giving support by money, arms and ammunition to the Shiite elements in Iraq. Iran also has a will in dominating the oil rich country Iraq, and getting economic and commercial success. Teheran’s interest to influence conflicts in Iraq is motivated by various strategic factors, as well as religious and cultural interests. The main factor is that the history of the two countries has been characterized by a near constant state of political-military conflict and rivalry. Iran is aiming for a complete Islamist rule in Iraq and US in the process of installing democracy in Iraq have destabilized the previous regime of the country which has proved to be in favor of Iranian interest. Iran has a big role in creating conflict in Iraq as they provide very much assistance to shite extremist by funding them with finance and weapons. There had been a good flow of weapons in to Iraq through Iran and they also give support to terrorism elements in Iraq. There are in a way waging war in Iraq with the help of Shiite extremists and destabilizing the country.

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