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Is Water A Safe Drinking Water - 1747 Words

About seventy percent of the world is composed of water, yet only two percent is safe enough to drink. Water, simply two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen, is the most essential element for life function (Importance of Water Web). Water enables life for all organisms, makes up two thirds of the human body, and is important in maintaining homeostasis, a balanced body system. Without water the human body would deteriorate within a few days and cease to function. Without water, plants, animals and our thriving ecosystem would fail. Like oxygen, water is a life necessity. Yet, many go without safe drinking water because water is not easily accessible. Multiple communities within the United States have been unable to source drinkable water and lack the resources to make improvements. Thus, business minded individuals have found the perfect scenario for profit: high demand. Casting aside any moral sense of obligation to help the less fortunate, large corporation have taken taken this reso urce and turned it into a commodity. Not all people have access to clean water, yet through corporate finagling and strategic marketing large companies have been able to create a profitable business off of what could and should be a freely accessible resource. According to data from BMC, the Beverage Marketing Corp, bottled water sales have seen approximately a thirteen percent increase within the last few years (Posnick Web). This data confirms, as said in the article Take Back the Tap, thatShow MoreRelatedSafe Water Drinking And Pollution1933 Words   |  8 Pagessemester, there have been several different instances that have shown the importance of truly understanding what these issues are and how some of these issues can be fixed. The main environmental issue that I am going to discuss I this paper is safe water drinking and pollution, as pollution directs towards to the hazardous we do to it by simply polluting as well as how some of our pollution affects the air and living co nditions that we face. I chose this environmental issue because I find it to be oneRead MoreEnvironmental Impacts Of Safe Drinking Water Essay1633 Words   |  7 PagesSummary The Flint Water Crisis is a current health and safety issue that is affecting thousands of Americans in Flint, Michigan. Residents of Flint are unable to use and trust the water from their taps due to high levels of contamination and lead exposure. Children and adults have both suffered from exposure to this water supply. Rashes and illness have been common across the city. The water crisis in Flint developed its start when the city stopped receiving their drinking water from Lake Huron andRead MoreDrinking Water Is Safe For Bottled Water1272 Words   |  6 PagesEveryone wants to know which water is safe for them, is it bottled water or tap water? The US drinks more bottled water than any other country across the globe. Not only does the US consume more bottled water, but uses a lot of energy to produce the bottled water. In developing countries, tap water is safe and ‘drinkable’. Bottled water and tap water come from the same sources, but tap water is better than bott led water. Some ways in which tap water is better than bottled water is the cost, environmentalRead MoreEssay about Water Purification for Safe Drinking Water580 Words   |  3 PagesWater Purification Safe drinking water is essential to every living being. Access to safe drinking water has improved over the past years, but still approximately one billion people are deprived of safe and clean water. Over 2.5 billion people have no access to adequate sanitation. A report, issued in November 2009, suggests that by 2030, in some developing regions of the world, water demand will exceed supply by 50% and approximately 70% of the fresh water used by humans goes to agriculture. PeopleRead MoreClean, Safe Drinking Water Is Scarce1014 Words   |  5 Pages Introduction Clean, safe drinking water is scarce. Today, nearly 1 billion people in the developing world do not have access. But we take it for granted, we are wasting it, and we even pay for it a little too much to drink plastic bottles .Water is the basis of life. And yet today all over the world, too many people spend all day looking for it. In places like India Education suffering from sickness disappears. Economic development will be lost if people are just trying to survive. But it needRead MoreClean Safe Drinking Water Essay1073 Words   |  5 PagesClean safe drinking water Assessment: Many people living in poverty and not having much of anything like safe places to live let alone clean AND safe drinking water which also comes under good health due to drinking and washing in the polluted water it becomes even harder to stay healthy. More than 884 million people suffer from not having the basic clean water that is 3x the United States population. It is mainly places situated in Asia and especially Africa these water problems affect half ofRead MoreSafe Drinking Water Act Essay1063 Words   |  5 Pagesfederal law that was enacted in 1974 to protect contaminated water supplies to the public was called the Safe Drinking Water Act. Through this law the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is given the authority to oversee water suppliers throughout the US and set standards for the contaminants contained in water supplies. Prior to 1974, State health departments had the principal duty for monitoring and regulating public consuming water substances. The U.S. Public he alth provider supplied oversightRead MoreWater Contamination Is Defined By The Safe Drinking Water Act ( Adwa )1693 Words   |  7 PagesWater contamination is defined by the Safe Drinking Water Act (ADWA) refers to the presence or rather the introduction of physical, chemical, biological or radiological substances or matter in water (EPA, 2016). Some drinking water may practically contain a given amount of contaminants that have been proven unsafe. However, it is quite difficult to determine the presence of the contaminants just by the sheer look unless proper techniques are employed. Measures should be implemented to control waterRead MoreChlorine Is The Single Largest Contributor For Safe Drinking Water1296 Words   |  6 PagesINTRODUCTION Chlorine is the single largest contributor to safe drinking water, in the history of public health. In 1902 the first chlorine disinfection system was installed in Belgium. By the 1920’s nearly the whole world started using the process. Due to this disinfection process many disease-causing microorganisms were abolished. According to Life Magazine (1997) â€Å"The filtration of drinking water plus the use of chlorine is probably the most significant public health advancement of the millennium†Read MoreThe Clean Water Project Is A Social Marketing Intervention For Providing The Community With Safe Drinking Water2062 Words   |  9 PagesClean Water Project will be established by 6 February 2015 for the purpose of promoting safe drinking water in Jackson MS ward 6 communities. The project will invite the community, the city council of Jackson, CDC and Councilman Tyrone Hendrix to help in designing a social marketing intervention for providing the community with safe drinking water by November 2016. The mission of this coalition between The Clean Water Project and CDC/EPA is to provide the community with safe drinking water that will

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