Sunday, December 22, 2019

Relationship Marketing in Relation to Company Employees and Customers Essay

Essays on Relationship Marketing in Relation to Company Employees and Customers Essay The paper "Relationship Marketing in Relation to Company Employees and Customers" is an amazing example of an essay on marketing. In the course of dealing with the decreased funding provisions, FIT Rangers Limited is being encouraged to uncompromisingly do market their products, which are in the form of recreational programs and services. Their positive reaction to the improved marketing efforts has encouraged the company’s directors to appreciate every effort incorporated in the process. The company has been able to carry out stakeholder analysis, and through this, the management has been able to understand the stakeholders’ groups that are needed to be reached, and also the level of engagement. There have been marketing training workshops and some of the staff members attending have shown hope in the idea that the increased visibility of media is a better solution to the current problem. As staff believes, this is supposed to increase the company’s leverage wit h the funding foundations. Other group staff members have clearly expressed their terror that the succeeding marketing efforts put in place may turn out to be beyond the achievement expected.Knowledge designates that both stated expectations in the set projections are impracticable in particular to the nature of product marketing. It indicates that the success of marketing definitely demands more than just increasing media visibility (Bradley 2010, p. 106). Therefore, this paper gives a deep detail into aspects of relationship marketing in relation to the selected stakeholder groups. The main groups that will be dealt with are company employees and customers.IntroductionAs the management of the company is always in the rush to gain the visibility of the media, the extensions of the most significant marketing resource, which is the company’s relationship with the resultant market being served are always overlooked. This is can be considered to be a serious ironic projection as it is well understood that the overall backbone of the company’s success has been as the results of the commitments received from the company’s legislators, competent volunteers, efficient lay leaders, and down to earth company’s personnel.FIT Rangers Limited is an experiential education learning center that uses a heuristic advance to learning. This mode of learning includes the actual process of self-discovery and personal actualization, through outdoor activities that are supposed to challenge the intelligence and physical being of a person. As a training center, FIT Rangers Limited focuses mainly on short but demanding training for dependable leadership and excellent citizenship, thus working under a motto of â€Å"Service and Leadership.For the purpose of doing everything so that the company survives the competitive shake-out that is already happening in the current market, the management has opted to do more than just having media attention.

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